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Services Offered

e-arogya is a comprehensive healthcare services provider in the fields of medical services, education, market research, and consulting. e-arogya’s services can be broadly classified into four Strategic Business Units as follows: (1) Health Studios, (2) Corporate Wellness Programs, (3) Continuing Medical Education Programs, and (4) Market Research & Consulting Services.

  1. Health Studios

    e-arogya sets up physician-staffed clinics called “Health Studios” within a Corporate campus, and continuously monitors health of the employees and their dependents.

    e-arogya has introduced India’s first on-site comprehensive healthcare service centres called “Health Studios”.

    While the client organization provides space for setting up the Health Studio, e-arogya provides the required medical, IT and telecom infrastructure and also staffs it with medical personnel such as physicians and paramedics.

    Through these health studios, e-arogya “continuously monitors and fulfills” comprehensive healthcare requirements of employees and their dependents, at all times.

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  2. Corporate Wellness Programs

    e-arogya organizes tailor-made value-based wellness programs including Health Risk Assessments, disease cessation & management programs, counselling sessions etc.

    e-arogya has been organizing both on-site and off-site on-demand corporate wellness programs.

    These programs are mostly “need-based” and were designed to suit the specific requirements of corporates, in consultation with company management, and / or their insurance company and Third Party Administrators (TPAs).

    Wellness programs typically starts by conducting Health Risk Assessment and designing various disease management programs based on risk classification of employees.

    e-arogya arranges complete support for these programs including medical personnel, IT infrastructure etc.

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  3. Continuing Medical Education Programs

    e-arogya organizes conferences, workshops and short-term courses for practicing doctors across specializations, medical students, and paramedics.

    e-arogya has been associated with Dept. of Health-Uttar Pradesh*, regulatory authorities, and reputed national medical associations for organizing conferences, workshops and short-term programs for practicing doctors across various specializations.

    Practicing doctors obtain “credits” by attending such programs, which are required for re-registering themselves with Medical Council of India.

    e-arogya has necessary IT infrastructure and panel of Indian & foreign top-doctors across specializations who are willing to impart latest developments, treatment / care methods and practices across the globe, to the participants.

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  4. Market Research & Consultancy Services

    e-arogya conducts national-level surveys and product launch campaigns for Healthcare fraternity including Pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, insurance, Stem Cell Banking companies etc.

    e-arogya has been associated with several reputed pharmaceutical companies and hospital chains and helping them in conducting national-level surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, product launches etc.

    These surveys typically help the healthcare fraternity to gauge the performance of their existing products / services and aid in their R&D for developing new products / services.

    e-arogya has complete survey capabilities including panel of medical experts across specializations, IT infrastructure, field force for product launches, in-depth interviews etc.

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