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Visoin, Goal & Mission


To emerge as a leader in providing trustworthy, customer-centric and comprehensive healthcare services to customers.


Our Mission is to setup a "Customer-centric" healthcare services platform that provides comprehensive, good quality, timely and affordable services in the fields of market research, consulting, medical services, and education to Small, Medium & Large Organizations and Institutional Customers. We are committed to achieving highest degree of customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

To carry out this mission, e-arogya must:

  • Become a trusted source of healthcare information to customers
  • Excel in offering comprehensive healthcare solutions supported by research on latest technologies
  • Develop, and integrate new technology in offering healthcare services
  • Become a trusted source of healthcare information to customers
  • Continuously exceed customer expectations now and in future
  • Attract the best qualified medical, scientific and support staff
  • Excel in customer service
  • Provide efficient access to affordable medical care
  • Ensure that e-arogya quality underlies every decision