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Welcome to e-arogya’s Continuing Medical Education Department.

This division organizes CME programs and other medical conferences and provides up-to-date clinical and research information in appropriate educational formats and strives to improve the knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviours of medical personnel and thereby the clinical outcomes for their patients.


e-arogya CME department organizes conferences and workshops, including hands-on and skills-training, through audio, podcasts, video, webinar, and other innovative and interactive formats for allopathy doctors across specializations, medical students, and paramedics, by associating with few State medical education departments, regulatory authorities, and reputed national medical associations.

Our programs consist of educational activities which serve to maintain, develop, or increase the knowledge, skills, and professional performance and relationships that a physician uses to provide services for patients, or the community. It includes primary care, specialty, and subspecialty topics in the field of medicine.

As a result of these educational activities, e-arogya fosters the continuing professional development of health care professionals. Our offerings are intended to enhance doctor and other health care professionals training in a manner that will positively affect professional knowledge with the goal of improving patient care.

Vision Statement

To significantly improve health of patients by providing exemplary and cutting-edge medical education to various medical personnel thereby facilitating in evidence-based practices, identifying new and emerging health care needs and opportunities from research.

Mission Statement

To present latest and cutting-edge medical knowledge and its applications to doctors, paramedics, and medical students, who are present in both rural an urban areas, through various new and innovative educational tools and emerging technologies.

What is role of e-arogya?

e-arogya has necessary IT infrastructure and panel of Indian & International top-doctors / speakers across specializations who are willing to impart latest developments, treatment, patient care methods and practices across the globe, to the participants.

Why e-arogya?

e-arogya provides up-to-date clinical and research information on latest technologies, treatment practices, drugs etc. to the participants e-arogya’s CME speaker panel consists of top-class national and international doctors across specializations, who are willing to share their experience e-arogya converts the program content into appropriate educational formats and make them available to interested medical personnel across the country. e-arogya conducts on-demand e-learning programs in various disciplines for medical personnel.

All e-arogya’s CME programs provide “credits” to participants (practising doctors), which are required for re-registering themselves with Medical Council of India.