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About e-arogya

The primary healthcare need of any customer is "access to comprehensive and quality health care services", which in turn focuses on three sub-components:

e-arogya is a Customer-centric “One-stop” healthcare services provider” that:

offers “CONVENIENCE” in healthcare services..

We firmly believe that the customers should have freedom to choose right services suiting to their healthcare needs, rather than the current “Take-What-We-Give” approach.

With our unparalleled services offered through ‘on-site clinics housed within your company campus’ or through ‘online platform’, e-arogya takes the customer experience in conveniently availing comprehensive healthcare services to the next level. Our services were designed to effectively reduce customers’ travelling time and waiting time at various healthcare service points. Moreover, the services will also provide choice to customers to avail healthcare services anytime, anywhere.

..builds and ensures “QUALITY”..

For effective patient care, e-arogya believes that doctors across specializations, medical students and paramedics in the country would need continuing medical education (CME) to keep them up to date with the latest drugs, equipment and medical practices. On the other hand, evidence-based research by Pharmaceutical industry will help in development of better and effective drugs.

e-arogya has been associated with few State medical education departments, regulatory authorities, and reputed national medical associations for organizing conferences, workshops and short-term programs for doctors, medical students and paramedics. In addition, e-arogya has been associated with several reputed pharmaceutical companies and hospital chains for conducting national-level surveys and advising them on various strategic issues.

e-arogya also believes that the transition for doctors from a traditional brick-and-mortar clinic model to onsite and / or e-platform is critical and should be smooth. e-arogya has been continuously making improvements in its online platform to make it robust and trustworthy, which in turn is encouraging more doctors to use it with same kind of effectiveness similar to their traditional methods.

..and makes them “AFFORDABLE”.

e-arogya approaches corporate medicine in a fundamentally different manner. We believe that corporate medicine is just not about physical health of employees but also involve their behavioural health. e-arogya assumes the role of a company’s medical advocate and setup Health Studios within their campus or organize customized corporate wellness programs that deal with both physical and behavioural health of employees, to bring about “improvement in employee productivity” and “reduction in healthcare costs” of the company.